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At BayHouse you'll find real estate, mortgage, credit and credit scoring tips as well as inside information not usually available to the public.

September 24, 2004:

Despite my 3/03 lawsuit, the FTC and the Federal Reserve Board of Richmond still refuse to enforce the FCRA, the CRAs are NOT reporting the Capital One credit limits ...

2004 Credit Suit
- the BLOG: the chronological postings of events and related news.

The Fight Back!!! Forum
- documented CRA, creditor and collection violations and regulatory and legislative efforts.

8/16/04 - My comments to the FTC re. credit scoring study.

9/17/04 - My comments to the Federal Reserve Board re. credit reporting and disputes.

9/10/04 press release:

Consumer Sues Ameriquest Mortgage Company for Spamming, False Promises, Misrepresentation and Incompetence

At you'll find most of my filings as well as other published credit related law suits and pro se legal resources, the proof the credit counseling is a SCAM and they really are debt collectors in disguise, scans and audio of common credit reporting and collecting violations.

My 3/19/03 Phoenix Federal Court Complaint and Filings.

My 6/9/04 Phoenix Federal Court Complaint and Filings.

FCRA and FDCPA attorney and Pro Se info


Credit and credit scoring questions, postings about law suits against the CRAs and tons of info on collections, charge-offs and disputes


The best of + much more.

What and how to dispute, analyzing credit reports and FICO scores.

Case studies:

After the deletion of the only derog, a charge-off, the score went down 18 points to 646.

2/8/04: TU FICO 24 months after Ch. 7 filing -- 726!!!!!

Overview of

If you are a First-time Home Buyer, start with the CREDIT section.

It often takes weeks and months, sometimes even YEARS to correct errors and/or negotiate unpaid collections.

Even if you don't know of a single problem on your credit report, make sure you get your credit reports from all three credit bureaus before you get serious about buying.

FICO Credit Scoring for mortgages and auto insurance

Minimum Scores are required for MOST second mortgages, especially for the popular 100% to 125% LTV cash-out and debt consolidation loans.

Many auto insurers now rate you by your FICO Score.

Your Score CANNOT be corrected even if the data on your credit report is totally wrong AND you have creditor letters to prove it!

My tips on Increasing your Scores.

Having a bad FICO day?  See how the FICO Scoring is flawed:

FICO Credit Scores VARY from day to day, up to 24 points.

You know you have credit problems? Bankruptcy? Collections?

Don't miss a real disputed scanned bankruptcy credit report.

Looking for a Mortgage? Learn about Loan Shopping.

How to choose the RIGHT loan and get the lowest rate.

From Quotes to Locks to No Cost Loans to Bi-Weeklies ...
Where will rates go? Should you refinance?

Real Estate Definitions

Real estate laws and customs vary by State and Region.

This page is based on MY experiences in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My assessment of professional organizations and federal agencies, from SAMCAR to HUD.

You think you can rely on professional competence and on government regulations protecting you?

In 10 years of Real Estate and Mortgage practice, and especially since I started to file complaints against US corporations, I learned that

US legislators create tough laws to lull consumers into feeling secure and protected.

The Federal and State Governments often refuse to enforce consumer protection legislation.

When a consumer files a complaint, the very MOST that will happen is that the dispute will be resolved and the corporation has to return the money.

The Transamerica documentary is a very typical example of Corporate America preying on those who are ignorant and unwilling or unable to learn and fight.

The California Department of Corporations approved the Transamerica attempt to cheat a widow in foreclosure and bankruptcy out of over $15,000.

I can't even get a complaint to HUD:

Three certified mailings to HUD with the entire Transamerica file were LOST by the US Postal Service and are untraceable. The Washington DC Postmaster didn't respond to two written inquiries.

Is this odd or what?

You think I'm weird?Aliens

Yup, I agree.

With all the traveling I've done, I have yet to find a place with people like me.

I've always felt different, just didn't fit in. I can't stand it when people lie to me or deceive me.

And I just can't assimilate.

But my biggest problems are that I can't stop thinking and almost everything interests me.

I want to go home!

Frank ZappaZappa Quote of the Millennium

"It would be easier to pay off

the national debt overnight

than to neutralize the long-range effects of


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