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Christine Baker

On 10/31/04 David Joseph submitted his letter to ARM Computer CEO Rock Lee for posting. It looks like nothing ever changes at ARM Computer.

Mr. Lee,

            I do not wish to be in appropriately taking your time. However, I am unable to resolve an issue with Salman Nasir, and as he has refused to give me the name and contact information of his direct superior I am left with no choice but to contact the only person holding a position senior to him that I know of. 

            That person being yourself, I would like to ask you to assist me in my customer needs because I can no longer accept the poor level of service that Salman has given to me.  He has consistently been short and dismissive in his emails to me throughout my relationship with ARM computer.  After reaching a certain level of frustration in the past, I knew that I would one day become utterly fed up with his unprofessional behavior and would invariably need to speak to someone else.  At that time I sought out your contact information.  In my recent dealings with him, he has made a demand so unreasonable as to warrant my contacting you.

            In October 2002 I was the owner of an out of warranty N2OU that had a defective motherboard.  I sent the unit in and purchased a brand new chassis, having every detachable part from my old unit put onto the new chassis for $850.00.  Salman kept the old chassis.  At that time I verified with Salman that I had ten months during which I could purchase the extended warranty.  I then verified this again two more times in subsequent conversations.

            Since early July 2003 I have been attempting to purchase the warranty.  My invoice is in transit from America to Japan where I currently reside, so I asked Salman to reference my customer record via the serial number on the bottom of my computer.  He declined to do so claiming that he could only reference my customer record via my invoice number.  I knew this to be false and actually had to call another salesperson and ask them to reference my customer record and provide me with my invoice number. 

            This is an example of the kind of short service that I have received from him time and time again.  I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to be thought so little of not only as a customer but also as a person.  I have attempted to receive service from someone else in the company in the past, but have always been routed right back to Salman.  And I have always received the same treatment.  Thus, I have always dreaded contacting your organization because I knew that I was facing an exercise in frustration. 

            There have been times in the past where my frustration with him has led me to ask to speak to his superior.  As I said, he would claim that he was the final authority on the matter.  So to make all of this worse, I have until now bitten my tongue for fear of offending him and then receiving even poorer service. 

            Well, I emailed the invoice number from my October 2002 chassis purchase.  It seems that when the parts of my old unit were switched over to the new chassis, someone had the bright idea to tear off the serial number sticker from the new chassis, and stick on the old unit's serial number. Or something.  I don't know why the serial number on the bottom of this unit is so called "wrong".  I don't even know if it is wrong.  Salman says it is.  It's just a sticker to me.  I can't see how it's my responsibility to scrutinize all of this. 

            So I gave Salman the serial number that's on the bottom of my computer.  This computer is the chassis I bought in 2002 and has my old parts on it.  This is the computer that Salman said I could buy an extended warranty for within ten months.  Again, Salman kept the old chassis, so it's impossible for this to be the old chassis. 

            He will not sell me the extended warranty, claiming that he just can't because the serial number is wrong.  It is nothing more than a crooked sticker on the bottom of my computer.  In disbelief of his refusal, I asked him if there wasn't some other place on this computer that indicates the serial number other than this cheap, crooked sticker.  I asked if there was an etching or something and he said that the mother board "might" have it.  He then went on to make his most ridiculous demand ever.  He is claiming that I have to send my computer to ARM from Japan so that ARM staff can open it up and check the motherboard to see if indeed this is the computer that I purchased back in October 2002. 

            To make matters worse, this idea of his was disseminated to me in a bulldozing where I was being overtalked to the extent that I had to raise my voice at 4:00a.m. in a Japanese apartment building.  I then told him that his demand was unreasonable and that I wanted to speak to his superior.  Again he told me that he was the final authority on the matter, but I finally had the contact information of someone who is surely his superior.  I informed him of my intention to take the matter up with you, to which he strangely was totally unconcerned.  By the way, in my protest of his unreasonable request he didn't fail to inform me that it wasn't his fault that I was in Japan.  His exact words were,"It's not my fault you're in Japan."  What did I do to deserve this kind of treatment?  Nothing, I have never done anything to Salman Nasir but try to have routine customer needs met.

            Anyway, I don't know what kind of nonsense occurred with these three cent serial number stickers, but I certainly don't have the time to be contriving plans on how to defraud ARM out of free repair services.  This is the computer I bought in October of 2002, no matter what this crooked sticker says, or what the motherboard says.  Please resolve this however it is to be resolved without making me send my computer from Japan, and sell me the warranty that I am entitled to.  If you agree with Salman that it is appropriate to require me to send in my computer, then I would have to say that ARM computer has a corporate culture that is hostile towards it's customers.  This sticker mishap is not my fault.  It's absurd to assert that I am going to these lengths to defraud ARM.  And I have never heard of a company being so unhelpful to it's customers as to make such a demand. 


David Joseph
34556 Bunker Hill Dr.
Farmington Hills, MI 48331

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