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Christine Baker - - -

Updated 5/19/05 -- a comprehensive overview of my web sites.
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In 1995 I launched the BayHouse site after having worked as a real estate and mortgage broker in California since the late 80s. My primary goal was to explain real estate and mortgage commissions, pricing and common unethical and illegal practices. In 1997 I added FICO Credit Scoring IS Fraud! with the credit report scans to prove that scores can change 24 points from one day to the next for no reason at all. I also opened my first real estate, mortgage and credit forum. is now closed to new question.

I tried to personally respond to each posting and especially to correct misinformation. Too many readers refused to read and search and they were only interested in getting free advice and improving their credit so they could finance more stuff they didn't need. As the same questions were posted over and over, the search results became diluted with duplicates and I decided to close this forum to maintain its usefulness.

Wells Fargo: SETTLED for $1,000 + deletion of UNAUTHORIZED inquiry has been viewed almost 18,000 times and literally hundreds of readers received their checks.

When mortgage companies access your credit for promos, you should also claim your $1,000 per promo since they can't provide a firm offer of credit.

In April 2005 I finally had to move to Europe because MasterCard falsely accused me of running a credit card fraud site in e-mails to my web hosts and they threatened to have my server shut off. gave me 48 hours in February to delete account numbers for closed and even charged off accounts, gave me 12 hours.  I'm now hosting at

Obviously, I'm not going to delete anything, it would take thousands of hours to go through the many thousands of postings and delete all closed account numbers.

If MasterCard thought it had a legal right for its ludicrous demands, I'm sure it would have sued me or at least provided some kind of reason.

There's a lot of great stuff at for those willing to search or browse, but please be aware that credit reporting changes continually.

The most current info is at the new Fight Back!!! Forum.

I opened the Fight Back!!! forum in July 2004 and it is not a credit repair forum.

Fight Back!!! is exactly what the name implies: a place for people to learn and document how to fight for their rights and to share information. We are not limited to legal action, there are many ways to fight back.

Since the FACT Act required the FTC and the Federal Reserve Board to study credit reporting and scoring, I responded to their requests for comments.

This is *the* best credit reporting and credit scoring info available and if you study my submissions, you'll know more about credit than any credit repair people.

Analysis of credit reporting and credit scoring problems:

I also started sending out press releases:

I submit the press releases through and I only pay about $30 to $40 for 50,000 to 120,000 accesses at PRweb.  Additionally, many financial sites repost the entire releases and I get a lot of feedback from readers.

The documentation leading up to the press releases is posted at Fight Back and obviously the goal is to damage the companies' reputation and to hurt their sales by exposing their deplorable business practices.

I estimated a very conservative $2,000 revenue loss for every mortgage Ameriquest doesn't close due to my publications. Ameriquest loses at least $1 million for every 500 lost loans.  I'm hoping that by now I caused at least a couple million in lost profits. Regardless of the outcome of my litigation and no matter how much money I cost them, I won't have a significant impact.  Allegedly, Ameriquest profits were around $2 billion in 2004.

My lawsuit against Ameriquest and class action info at Fight Back!!!

I also started an identity theft section at Fight Back!!! and I'm thrilled about Melody's class action against the CRAs for their sales of fraudulent ID theft protection services. Those credit monitoring services did not prevent her husband from becoming an ID theft victim and I also have been subscribing for years and became an ID theft victim in 3/04. Melody discovered that the CRAs created "sub files" when another person used the same SSN as her husband and the CRAs refused to fix the problem

The Fight Back!!! forum is a place for any kind of activism remotely related to credit or banking and I'm especially disgusted by the mortgage junk faxers and spammers and the governments' and regulators' selling out to the corporations.

The AZ State Bar falsely accuses me of practicing law

Lexington credit repair complaints -- Lexington is upset.

FREE speech on the web? -- not in America.

Contacting legislators and lobbying -- it's not my thing, you have to buy them and every time I research so-called progressives, I find that they are as corrupt as anyone.

Action Alerts! -- inflicting damages on CRAs and especially mortgage lenders with just a few clicks.

Quitting the rat race - alternatives? -- based on my extensive research and absent any evidence to the contrary, I concluded that the legislators, courts and people are so corrupt -- resistance is futile.  If I had a lawyer or I dismissed my suits, I could be in Nicaragua looking for my alpaca ranch.  I rather spend my money elsewhere and hope to be South of the border by fall 2005.

What are YOU going to do?

Is it really not possible to make a difference?

Are Americans doomed to exist as exploited working and consuming drones?

Do you know what happened at the Boston Tea Party?

That's my subscription forum (currently $45 for 3 months) and I started it in 9/2003 after readers kept e-mailing questions because they didn't want to search through the thousands of postings at  I compiled and continually update the most important credit and FICO scoring information for people who are serious about their credit rating. I really do not think that every person should have to study the material and their reports to get the highest possible scores, but if you need to increase your scores for a mortgage, that's what it takes.

There is nothing simple or easy about credit and credit scores and you need to take a comprehensive look at the entire reports and at the FICO score factors before disputing anything.

  • After the deletion of the only derogatory account, a paid charge-off, the FICO score went down 18 points to 646.

  • 2/8/04: TU FICO 24 months after a Ch. 7 filing -- 726!!!

I could just scream when FCRA attorneys tell me that a bankruptcy filing is the worst damage you can do to the credit rating and that's why they will not represent people with bk's. It's very sad that so many so-called experts are so incredibly clueless and that's why I posted my bankruptcy affidavit.

Some readers subscribe to CreditFactors instead of making donations and that works for me, it all goes into my bank account. I don't have any partners and I pay no income tax because I just don't earn enough. I have no ambitions to advertise, pay affiliate fees or to turn CreditFactors into a credit repair business. In part that's because I try to answer questions and I analyze the reporting for CreditFactors subscribers and I just don't have the time it takes to familiarize myself with the credit histories and goals of many individuals.

CreditCourt Forum

A few years ago I started this forum to post credit related cases and legal resources. Many filings from my suits are scanned and posted as well as other consumer suits.

For information on filing your own suit or locating an attorney, please read Attorneys - Pro Se - Publish.

I started posting the scans of the filings in Thomas v. Trans Union and the $5.3 million jury verdict in 2003 - extremely helpful if you are representing yourself.

At Eleanor Chase v. First USA, Trans Union and Equifax I scanned and posted filings from Arizona federal court filed by an FCRA attorney.

Unfortunately, Katherine couldn't find an attorney to take her case against Capital One and Amerix, fka Genus Credit Management (collectors in disguise). Please read this documentary before you recommend credit counseling or sign up for it.

I disabled posting at the CreditCourt forum almost everywhere because most postings were about credit repair.

There are quite a few interesting pages, although I haven't had time to update at all.

Don't miss Wells Fargo and the Buckley Firm conspiring to fraudulently foreclose on Lynette's home.

Wells Fargo and their lawyers the Buckley Firm have known about my allegations since I first posted about their fraud in 2002 and they have not contacted me to have me change or delete these pages. That's of course because my allegations are true and the proof is posted on the web.

Wells Fargo had submitted false accounting statements to the court, under penalty of perjury. Perjury is a normal part of litigation and I have yet to discover what one can do about it. The judges couldn't care less. Prior to my publication of Lynette's documentary, she paid 2 attorneys who were 200% incompetent and they did nothing but steal her money and screw things up even more.

If you are having similar mortgage problems, please read the Wells Fargo topic at the CreditCourt forum. While it is closed to new postings, look for resources including how to demand accounting.

Fight Back!!! has a new topic Your lawsuits - Wells Fargo - Americas Servicing Company (ASC)

In July 2003 I began blogging the chronological documentary of my own suits as well as links to credit and legal news and some of the other things that I find important, such as the corruption in all levels of government and in the courts.

What's in the works?

Due to my litigation, lots of administrative and computer problems and conversion to new forum and blog software, I haven't had much time to spend on updating my web sites and reorganizing. There is so much I want to do and my day has only 24 hours. 

I'm behind schedule with numerous press releases, law suits and regulatory complaints.

My priorities depend on my defendants and on what YOU are willing to do.

It has been great to see readers actively researching collection agency American Agencies, posting about the FTC investigation, ordering the corporate filings, discovering that Mark and Sheri Slagle are the American Agencies owners and that they bought a $1.925 million home in Los Angeles in 2002..

You like what I do?

Please become an activist, start fighting for your rights and post at the Fight Back!!! Forum and/or send a few dollars or subscribe to CreditFactors.

You don't like what I do?

Please click that button with the "X" in the upper right corner of this browser window. Or follow the links at Collection attorney opinion - I must have discussed every aspect of credit and collections at least once and I'm too busy to repeat myself. However, if you have something new to say, please do post at the blog.

Want more info?

If you want to know more about my background, please read my bio or Why I don't write a book, become a lawyer, do interviews or participate in the consumer advocate circus.

I know that it's hard to find your way around my sites, but I deliberately start new forums and sites so that SEARCH results aren't too overwhelming. Sometimes less is more.

At the blog you'll find the most info about my suits and general info since 7/03. You can either search by one of the many categories, simply type key words in the search box or use the advanced search options.

Contact Info

While I prefer comments and suggestions posted at the blog, you can also e-mail to

My mailing address:

Christine Baker
989 So. Main St. A-150
Cottonwood, AZ 86326

I do not live at this address and it can take several weeks before I get my mail. Like millions of residents in rural areas, I do not enjoy the luxury of postal service at my place in the desert and I only have an unlocked box a few miles down the road for court filings and other mailings that are not confidential.

My fax is 571-222-1000, but please also send me an e-mail to explain your fax and so that I can respond.  I greatly appreciate unusual CRA or collection letters.

Please don't ask credit repair questions

At least 100 million Americans would benefit from my advice. I don't have the crystal ball required to tell you what to do without seeing how accounts are reported and knowing the complete factual background.

I hope this page explains what I'm doing and why and hopefully you will decide to fight for your rights too!

- Christine

"The Truth is out there, just follow the Money!"

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