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Christine Baker

I wouldn't buy from ARM Computer if they sold the LAST notebook on this planet!

I have had NUMEROUS problems with ArmComputer and finally went to Court.

Over the years I bought ** 4 ** notebooks .  I returned one notebook after a few weeks to UPGRADE from the $1,100 machine to the $3,000 30i in Feb. 1999. They shorted my refund by a couple of hundred dollars.

I sold my first ArmComputer TS 753 notebook, still own the TS 758 with the extended on-site warranty they refuse to honor and the lemon 30i with the broken hinge and what I suspect is a motherboard defect.

At the BayHouse Forum: My April 21, 2000 demand for refund for lemon 30i ARM Computer and shortage of refund for returned computer and A/C adapter (the gruesome details including a sample of what ArmComputer calls "tech support.")

Update April 24, 2001:  I finally got the Judgment for $2,500 + $19 court fees + 10% interest until paid.

Rock Lee, president ARM Computer refused to pay when I called him today.

So now I'll have to get the Writ of Garnishment and/or Writ of Execution and hire someone in California to garnish their bank account and file a lien against their property.

11/10/04 update:   I got PAID in late 2002.

I had to hire an attorney to collect the judgment.  He also tried to get ARM to settle, but they ignored him too.  So he bought something at ARM and paid with a check and that's how he got their account number and the Sheriff finally took the money out of their bank account.  I can't say that it was worth the hassle, but at least I got a few bucks out of them and I learned a lot!

It is very satisfying to see that many people find this page.  Why is ARM is still in business?

Sue, people sue!

On 10/31/04, David Joseph submitted his own ARM Computer complaint for posting, Salman Nasir is still there.


In January 2001 I filed a Small Claims complaint against ArmComputer regarding the 30i notebook.

The broken LCD hinge

ARM Computer FAILED to honor the ON-SITE warranty for the TS 758

My apology for having recommended ARM Computer so highly

In January 2001 I filed a Small Claims complaint against ArmComputer regarding the 30i notebook.

This suit only pertains to the refund of the purchase price for the 30i, the $75 charged for the shoddy repair while under warranty and the ArmComputer refusal to repair the broken LCD hinge (due to the shoddy repair) because I didn't have an invoice.

I handed CASH to Salman Nasir, the ArmComputer sales manager.  I did NOT receive an invoice.

I was SO upset and frustrated by Mr. Nasir's repeated lies in our e-mail correspondence (posted at the forum My futile attempts to get the invoice for the 30i from ARM Computer.) I actually checked to see if the California Franchise Taxboard pays informers. I suspect that ARM Computer never paid any sales tax on those cash sales. Unfortunately, the FTB does NOT pay a percentage as the IRS does. So I filed the law suit.

Updates on events relating to the Small Claims complaint are posted at the forum at My Small Claims complaint against ArmComputer in San Jose, California

The broken LCD hinge

As the machine was running in the truck (maps and GPS) the LCD movement caused the 2 little screws that were holding the hinge in place to get loose. I stopped using the notebook on my way to Alaska when I noticed the problem. I didn't want it to break.

In October 1999 I drove all the way from Santa Fe, New Mexico to San Jose, California because I really NEEDED the 30i, my TS 758 drive was FULL. It was a big hassle, it took over a week for the repair. They charged me $75 while still covered under the standard one year warranty.  I objected, but Willie Wong refused to return the machine to me unless I paid. I NEEDED the machine.

A few days later I noticed that the hinge was already loose again. I drove right back to ARMcomputer, where Willie Wong told me to continue using it.  I explained to him that I was worried about breaking the hinge.

Mr. Wong assured me that he would note the problem in their computer system and that related repairs required AFTER the warranty expired would be covered.

As you can see, the hinge broke. Their $75 repair was limited to using oversized screws.  I could have done THAT myself.

I couldn't believe it when ARMcomputer sales manager Salman Nasir could not find my 30i in their computer system at all and he demanded that I provide the invoice I had never received.

ARM Computer is NOT honoring the extended ON-SITE warranty

Another problem with ArmComputer is the 4 year ON-SITE warranty I bought for the TS 758. Am I the only one who wasn't notified of the change in terms?

Salman Nasir, ARM Computer sales manager, told me that they sent out letters offering a refund, but I never got that letter. Of course a refund really doesn't do me any good.  I just want the warranty.

While Mr. Nasir stated that they honor the warranty, he insisted that I SHIP (at my expense) the machine to them for a MINOR repair like the keyboard. There is NO way that I can wait around for the machine without wasting MANY hours of my time.  What am I going to do for SEVERAL WEEKS without my computer?

I'd have to move ALL my data on a different machine, pack and ship the notebook and then WAIT for several weeks!

The keyboard was $75, OBVIOUSLY I finally opted to just buy it.  Salman Nasir REFUSED to issue a refund upon return of the defective keyboard.  

It's a common practice to first CHARGE for a warranty part and then CREDIT back upon receipt of the defective part.

If anyone else is having a warranty problem with Arm Computer, I'd like to know about it.  Once the 30i Small Claims suit is resolved, I'll deal with the warranty problems.

My posting at the BayHouse Forum:

ARM Computer is selling ON-SITE warranties with NO intentions of providing ON-SITE service

I am SO sorry that I so highly recommended ARM Computer at BayHouse and in person for several years.

Apparently ARM Computer has gone the way of Fry's and CompUSA. As they expanded they apparently overextended themselves.

I want to make it very clear that I have NEVER received any payments whatsoever from ARM. I declined their invitation to become a reseller.

My notebook.html was up only because I was truly impressed with their prices, products, warranty, service and tech support.

I am VERY sorry I recommended ARMcomputer.

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